South Africa Visa Pricing (includes Embassy and handling fee)

7 daysturnaround
Visitor, Tourist or Business visa valid up to 90 days $ 152.00
*Above prices include Consular / Embassy fee, Visa Center fee. No other processing fees will be added.

South Africa Visa Requirements

  • U.S. citizens (U.S. passport holders) visiting the Republic of South Africa for ninety (90) days or less for tourism / business purposes do not need visas.
  • Valid passport with at least two (2) unused (blank) pages labeled Visa when presented at the Embassy or Consulate; one page for affixing the visa or permit by the embassy/consulate and the other page for endorsement of entry/departure stamp by the South African Immigration Services. Passport must be valid for 30 more days after the intended return date from South Africa.
  • Filled out and signed South Africa visa application form.
  • Two (2) passport photos.
  • Round trip flight itinerary and proof of hotel accommodation (hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from the host (relative or friend) in South Africa. Get them at - WWW.FLIGHTBOOKINGFORVISA.COM
    For private visit also: proof of host’s legal status in South Africa (copy of I.D. Book/ passport) if South African citizen) or copy of passport and a copy of visa or residence status in South Africa.

  • Proof of sufficient funds (recent bank statement, credit card etc)
  • Proof of legal status for non-U.S. citizens (copy of greencard, H1B, F1, J1 etc)
  • NOTE: Want to check if you prepared your South Africa visa application documents correctly? Click on the following link: and send us your file for quick evaluation.

South Africa Business Visa Requirements (additionally to the requirements above)

  • Letter from the U.S.A.employer/ organization stating purpose, duration of stay in South Africa
  • Letter of invitation from the South African Company/ Organization confirming purpose and duration of visit.